Bipolar Resources and Links

Online Bipolar Websites and Resources

National Institutes of Mental Health

NationalAlliance for the Mentally Ill/ Friends and Advocates of the Mentally Ill


Mental Health Net

National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association


Pendulum Resources

The Depressive and Related Affective Disorders Assocation

National Mental Health Association

Manic Law Newsletter

National Foundation for Depressive Illness

The Internet Society for Manic Depressive Individuals

Depression Central


Bipolar Newsgroups

Our Bipolar Newsgroup Recommendations


General Resources


  •     alt.society.mental-health
  •     bionet.neuroscience
  •     sci.psychology.announce
  •     sci.psychology.consciousness
  •     sci.psychology.journals.psyche
  •     sci.psychology.misc
  •     sci.psychology.personality
  •     sci.psychology.psychotherapy
  •     sci.psychology.research
  •     sci.psychology.theory
  •     sci.psychology.depression.crisis
  •     sci.psychology.depression.misc
  •     sci.psychology.depression.seasonal
  •     sci.psychology.depression.treatment

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